Below you will find messages sent by the Blessed Virgin Mary to

Carmelita Maamo-Canoy through a spiritual medium:


November 27,1995


The Blessed Mother Mary was sending messages since December 8, 1993 to Carmelita Canoy to build a big "HOLY CROSS" of peace and Unity up in the mountain of Liloan, Southern Leyte, Philippines. She wanted the building of the Cross to be done with love from the hearts.


She wanted everyone to participate as they are able to get the blessings from our Lord. It must radiate love and peace over the town of Liloan and to all people in the world who will come seeking for this miraculous Cross.


"Build the Cross and give them sign that He died so they might live in peace. A remembrance is needed for all my children to give them hope and peace in their hearts. My children,you have forgotten your God who loves you very much.


See what you will find after you climb to this HOLY CROSS. Look down on my valley, on all mankind. The Cross will bring hope and peace to your hearts. It will become a great beauty and peace through your love. My children, go up and you will find me. Come and embrace me and kiss me with a pure love. Look up to the heavens; I will give you a sign. Look not away. Be quick to know I am with you, guiding you. Pray together and I will be there in your midst. Do not be deceived by satan who will try to cover your eyes so you may not see. So stay and listen to me.


My Cross will be a shining example of what my children can do when they turn their hearts to God. It will act as a beacon to all my children, to my Son. I will continuously be guiding your every move. Everyday meditate and pray, and plan will flow into your heart that is to be touched. My children, not even you can conceive the beauty of what will be on that mountain. A lot more things will be happening in the days to come. Your valley will be dedicated to the Holy Family.


My children, progress in the direction you are following. I will guide and keep you on the right path and lead you day by day. My guidance will not lead you astray. I have, a complete plan as to how it will come together. Trust and do as I ask of you. Just have faith in me. I will be there and touch hearts at just the right time. Never prejudge what another will say or do in a situation. Your hearts are being prepared for this special task you are undertaking.


My plan will flow smoothly and quickly as my children are in desperate need of a sign from their God. Be aware their sight of the Cross would always be there. My children, my Son is pleased with your design. The boldness, strength, beauty and grace are combined with the most important, love from your heart. It reaches out to all my children As you are preparing for your journey, I give you my love and peace and it will be bountiful with my graces.


My children, trust in my guidance as a young child trust in his mother. I will not lead you down the wrong paths. The gates are open for you top pass through; there will be no barriers. Permit my guidance to lead you with out question. Do not tarry, as the ones who have no faith. What you gain in your journey will help to transform my valley's plans. Do not worry what you are to do. Just be ready to seek and bring forth what I ask you to do. Keep my peace and love in your hearts and all will go well. The path is long and some will go weary, but I will lift them up with my love and give them strength to go on.


My children, pray with me, so you may receive the graces I have for you. Be in harmony; do not let satan make a division among you. Your prayers are important to bring this about. Your prayers are needed to bring the Cross to my children, to bring peace to their hearts. I ask you to come closer to God. He loves you You must pray more. Gather together for prayer. You do not know how important it is to bring about His plan for your valley. If you do as your Mother asks you, you will see hearts melt and my children will change before your very eyes. If you could imagine how happy you make your God when you bring His children back to Him!!!

Pray my children, and I will shower you with my graces.


My children, you will return to your, Mother, but not alone. I will call others and you will guide them spiritually. Do not tarry in this task I ask of you. Prepare my children so they will respond to my request. Like small children they do not always respond to my request,. Share your graces with those who are in need so they may know their God. My children, you are not yet aware of all the graces you have been given.


My children, take my hand and let me lead you step by step. Do not become impatient or weary. Have trust and you will see God's plan unfold in your valley. Look around and you will see the hearts who have been touched,. Many of my children will come to Liloan. You must learn to be gracious hosts, Your love that is within you must be given to others. It must be given freely to whoever is in need, as my Cross on the mountain will show my Son's love for all His children, so must you respond to the call. As the sun and \the rain are to a beautiful flower, your love to my children who are in need.


My children, you shall lift up my Son with praise and glory. Go not as you wish, but as I ask. My children, I ask for patience in doing my Son's work. All will come about. Do not let your thoughts deceive you. Keep your eyes on the path that sometimes is a narrow path when one travels it alone. The Cross will be filled with love from your hearts, which will draw my children back to the Father."

These are the little children from 5 - 10 years old who became the "Little Carmelite Choir" in 1998.

A message was given to me that when I go home in 1998 there will be children from 5- 10 years old who will come to me, who are given the gift of wisdom by the Lord to become  messengers of God. I did not know them and their families. They just came looking for me all day. So we started singing and talking about the words of God.

 I stayed there for (7) months to do God's will. All messages came to pass and did happen (lots of things were done as being told to me).   Praise the Lord !! Thy will be done !!

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