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Luncheon Appreciation for the Maamo Family of Liloan, So. Leyte


Praise and glory to God The Father, through the Holy Cross of Jesus and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel for the wonderful time we spent together on December 23rd at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant!

 Attached photos show the warmth and appreciation pilgrims of the 2013 Spiritual Journey extended to the Maamo Family for their hospitality during our stay in Liloan. Thank you ... Mike& Gilda; Nang Penny; Ching; Elizabeth & Sal; Carmelita & Alex; and of course, Sr. Eva and the family of Nong Junior & his wife, for the priceless experience we all had in Liloan!  God's blessings be upon you all in your lifetime!

 As the focus of the 2013 Spiritual Pilgrimage, it was truly a milestone for us to be the pioneers of a collaborative effort to realize the vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary to bring people to Mt. Carmel; a holy place of worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save mankind. With the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary guiding our thoughts and actions, we should be united in helping one another prepare Liloan for more people coming to Mt. Carmel.

 It was discussed to hold in LA the 1st Annual Celebration of Pilgrimage to Mt. Carmel. It will be held sometime in May 2014 since we were at Mt. Carmel on May 22, 2013. Plans include a Dinner-Dance event and a Souvenir Program where supporters& businesses in the San Fernando Valley area and other parts of the USA& the Phils. can put their ads or best wishes for our mission. All proceeds, after deducting expenses incurred, will go towards Mt. Carmel.

Thank you to the pilgrims who attended our gathering:

 Alex & Carmelita Canoy

Maria Sheets

Ching Harvey 

Lita Natividad

Dennis & Vangie Vives

Dr. Magno & Nora Guerrero

 We are inviting Dr. Tita Lim, Naty Cabebe, and Liz Miller to attend our 1st Annual Pilgrimage Celebration scheduled for May 2014.  With God's grace, all 12 pilgrims will be present; as well as the members of the Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry and their families and friends.

Thank you, Caesar & Marilou Bernardino and Robert & Lydia Aquino for joining us and for your continued support and assistance!


 Looking forward to a blessed and bountiful 2014!

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