Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry

The First Anniversary Celebration of the Pilgrimage to Mt. Carmel
 The Odyssey Restaurant

 May 3, 2014

Mt. Carmel Today and the 2013 Spiritual Journey to the Philippines photo collage on display at the reception area.

(L-R): Vinjet and Ulrik Singontiko, Deacon Son Hoang of St. John Eudes Parish, Chatsworth; Maria Sheets, Carmelita and Alex Canoy

(L-R): Lydia V. Solis, Chief Correspondent, Southern California for the premier newspaper, Philippine News and Linda Granados, President of the Los Angeles Filipino American City Employees (LAFACE). The art piece on top of the bar is the work of Kristen Granados, daughter of Linda.

(L-R): Linda Granados, Maria Sheets with husband Gary behind her, Lydia V. Solis, Ginny & Ed Ronquillo, and Willie Manacsa.  Maria, Lydia, Ed, and Willie are Trustees of The Philippine Heritage Institute International (PHII).

(L-R): Pilgrim Dr. Tita Lim (flew in from Georgia to attend the celebration); Celia Lat-Jacinto, Gloria Gonzaga, Carmelita Maamo Canoy, and Maria and Gary Sheets.

The Midnight Motion Band provided live music & entertainment for the celebration. Willie Manacsa, on the left, is shown with his band member, Ralph Victoria.

Maria Sheets was the event's Emcee and lead the prayer before partaking of the day's meal.

Luncheon buffet for everyone.  The food selection was very good!

Jannette Daradal (foreground) and Lydia V. Solis making their final choices among delicious & oh, so yummy, desserts!

Table 6 (L-R): Ed & Ginny Ronquillo, Mia Macalino, Evah & Jun Lopez, Ulrik & Vinjet Singontiko, and Rose Wodley.

Table 5 (L-R): Linda Granados, Lydia V. Solis, Ginny Ronquillo, Gary & Maria Sheets, Vickie de Leon, Lily & Romy Lara, Arnold & Victoria Palma.  Vickie and Lily are also PHII Trustees.

Table 7 (L-R): Alex Maamo Campilan & wife Mary Ann, Tita Factoran, Linda Pobre, Jannette Darabal, Clarita Daryabigi, Elizabeth & Sal Hurtley,  Ressa Maschino & Dr. Tita Lim (partly hidden), and Carmelita Maamo Canoy.

Table 8 (L-R): Carol Ting, Teddy Haftl (partly hidden), Sonia Ceballos, Luisa Gabaya, Ida Anapol, Agnes Hernandez, and Malou Olaguera.

Table 8: Luisa Gabaya and Connie Umali.

Table 9 (L-R): Celest Macaisa (lady in red), waiter, Naty Cabebe, Nora & Dr. Magno Guerrero (partly hidden), Charles Lloyd, Lita Natividad, Nita Gonzales, and Trining Macaisa.

Table 10 (L-R): Celia Lat-Jacinto, Connie Ingalla, Gloria Gonzaga, Eileen Feliciano, Gloria & Descado Madrano, Ramon Barriga and his sister, Celia Barriga; and Bessie Fabros.

Table 4 (L-R): Cesar & Marie Lou Bernardino, Maria Sheets, Clarita & Mir Daryabigi, Rose Wodley, and Odet Gonzales.

Table 10 (L-R): Marie Lou Bernardino, Clarita & Mir Daryabigi.

Table 3:

The dining scene.

Emcee Maria Sheets getting the ceremony started for the Induction of Officers  & Board Members of the Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry (OLLM) by introducing Fr. Ramon Valera, Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Northridge.

Everyone's attention is focused on Fr. Ramon Valera.

Fr. Ramon Valera, speaking about his day's work at The Cathedral of the Our Lady of Angels, prior to proceeding to The Odyssey Restaurant for the oath taking of Officers and Board Members.

L-R: Board Member Gary Sheets, Public Relations Officer Maria Sheets, Board Members Alex & Carmelita Canoy, and Secretary Ressa Maschino intently reading the oath and listening to Fr. Ramon Valera as he admonishes everyone to stay focused in performing their duties.

Fr. Ramon Valera puts over the head of Maria Sheets the medal of  Our Lady of Lourdes as a symbol of leadership and the fulfillment of duties and responsibilities of the position, as contained in the constitution of the Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry, for the greater glory and honor of Jesus Christ Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.

After receiving their individual medal of Our Lady of Lourdes, Officers & Board Members listen to Fr. Ramon Valera's words of wisdom in carrying on the duties & responsibilities for which they are sworn in.

For prosperity,  OLLM Officers & Board Members pose for a group photo after the oath taking. L-R: Board Members Gary Sheets, Alex & Carmelita Canoy; Public Relations Officer Maria Sheets; Fr. Ramon Valera; Secretary Ressa Maschino; Vice-President Gloria Madrano; President Marie Lou Bernardino; and Board Member Cesar Bernardino.

Fr. Ramon Valera calling all members of Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry (OLLM) to line up for the installation ceremony.

Fr. Ramon Valera reading the OLLM Mission Statement from the Souvenir Program.

As the members look on, Fr. Ramon Valera explains the installation ceremony wherein each one will receive a Crucifix. He emphasizes that a ministry is about administering service to those in need, whether spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, or evangelically. The Crucifix is a symbol of the hard work, service, and commitment each member has agreed to perform.

Fr. Ramon Valera puts over the head of Pilgrim Dr. Magno Guerrero the Crucifix.

Luisa Gabaya and Clarita Daryabigi prepare the Crucifix that Fr. Ramon Valera will give to Sonia Ceballos.

Fr. Ramon Valera puts over the head of Pilgrim Naty Cabebe the Crucifix as a symbol of her commitment to serve those in need.

Fr. Ramon Valera also gives the Crucifix to Officers & Board Members.

Maria Sheets introduces Deacon Son Hoang of St. John Eudes Parish to preside over the Recognition of Pilgrims.

Deacon Son Hoang looks on as Maria Sheets calls on Pilgrims to come up front while providing a brief background for each one. (L-R): Lita Natividad, Naty Cabebe, and Dr. Tita Lim.

There were 12 Pilgrims who joined the 2013 Pilgrimage to Mt. Carmel and 8 of them made it to this years's First Anniversary Celebration. (L-R): Carmelita & Alex Canoy, Dr. Magno & Nora Guerrero, Lita Natividad, Naty Cabebe, Dr. Tita Lim, and Maria Sheets. Not in photo are: Dennis & Vangie Vives, Ching Harvey, and Liz Miller

Deacon Son Hoang prayed over the Pilgrims and gave each one a special gift, the Crucifix with the Monstrance of God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit. OLLM President Marie Lou Bernardino assisted Deacon Son Hoang.

The Pilgrims, Deacon Son Hoang, and friends pose for prosperity (L-R): Carmelita Maamo Canoy, Gloria Madrano, Dr. Tita Lim, Deacon Son Hoang, Maria Sheets, Naty Cabebe, Nora & Dr. Magno Guerrero, Lita Natividad, Lily Lara, and Nita Gonzales.

Lydia V. Solis, Chief Correspondent, Southern California, for the premier newspaper, Philippine News, was honored with a Tribute for her generosity and efforts in spreading the word on Mt. Carmel, a holy place located in Liloan, Southern Leyte, Philippines.  The Holy Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ was erected  with the love and labor of the townspeople, as a symbol of Christ's passion, death, and resurrection to save mankind from sin and a path to everlasting life. The news article published in the April 18-24, 2014  edition of Philippine News ensures that people from different parts of the world will discover Mt. Carmel, through print media and the worldwide web.

For prosperity, Lydia V. Solis pose with Maria Sheets, Carmelita Maamo Canoy and Fr. Ramon Valera. OLLM gifted Lydia with a statue and medal of Our Lady of Lourdes.

L-R: Friends honor Lydia: Nita Gonzales, Linda Granados, and  Lily Lara.

L-R: Lydia is flanked by Willie Manacsa, Celia Lat-Jacinto and her daughter, Connie Ingalla.

PHII Trustees Maria Sheets and Lily Lara joined everyone in congratulating Lydia V. Solis.

Gary Sheets and Arnold Palma pose for prosperity.

Jannette Daradal and Linda Pobre started the dance party!

Ginny and Ed Ronquillo, Dr. Magno and Nora Guerrero, among others can't resist the lively music of The Midnight Motion Band and joined the party!

Line Dance everyone! Thanks to all ... you made this celebration a success!



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