Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry


First Saturday Prayers at the home of Cesar & Marilou Bernardino on May 5, 2015-

Attending: Imelda Ubil, Laura Ubil,(performed sign language to music - Amazing Grace and America the Beautiful) Willie& Jojo Miranda, Jun & Neeley Rabaja, Wilson & Angie Tan, Ernie & Maria Sulat, Tita Factora,  Edith Posada, Vangie Vives, Rose Wooley, Ven Noblejas, Ida Anopol, Ressa Maschino, Sally Wolfe, Lila de la Cruz, Gary & Maria Sheets, Cesar & Marilou Bernardino and Alex & Carmelita Canoy.


Maria& Gary Sheets - offered Flowers to our Blessed Mother of Lourdes.

Carmelita Canoy - Healing

Carmelita Canoy - Healing

Carmelita Canoy - Healing

Alex& Carmelita Canoy - Healing

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