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Hello my Dear Sisters and Brothers:
Please find below a letter of request from John Renzo Muega of Paete Laguna.
He is our new Seminarian scholar after Alven Salada had successfully graduated from the seminary.
I knew the family, Frank and Jophen Muega for they are the contractor of the 30 beautiful statues in Mt. Carmel including the huge Corpus Christi and Pieta. They were introduce to me by Vinjet Segontiko, a parishioner of St. John Eudes who donated a wood statue of St. Peregrine in Mt. Carmel last 2015.
What we are doing is a response to God's commandment to help not only the poor and needy but also to support His ministry to propagate the good news of Salvation to the whole world. I sent you in my last email the family picture of the Muega. Let's pray for the success of John Renzo. May God grant him graces and blessings to answer God's call.
I will give you the 2017 accounting of our contributions to the Seminarians. Your are the chosen one. Thanks a million for your generosity to the OLLM mission and program.  God bless!!!
Love and prayer,
Sis Carmelita and Bro Alex
Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry



January 1, 2018

Solemnity of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary


To:       Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry c/o Mrs. Carmelita Canoy

Re:       Request for Financial Assistance in Seminary Formation


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Gloria in excelsis Deo!


I am John Renzo M. Muega. I am the fourth son of Francisco and Josephine Muega. My family resides in the Parish of St. James the Apostle in the simple town of Paete, Laguna. I am currently a fourth-year college seminarian and an assistant master of ceremonies of our diocese who studies in St. Peter’s College Seminary which is located in San Pablo City.


The seminary of our diocese is a non-profit institution, that is why we, seminarians, are obliged to pay for our own board and lodging fees (a monthly obligation which is Php. 4000.00), tuition fees (Php. 300.00 per unit for every semester), and miscellaneous fees (Php. 1000.00 every semester). Since then, my family can’t sustain my studies in the seminary by our own money. This is the reason why I asked some generous persons to support me in my financial and spiritual obligations in the seminary.


With these, I am seeking your generosity to help me continue my studies in philosophy and later on, in theology after my graduation. I consulted one of my friend who takes theology already that there are increases in the financial obligations when it comes to pursuing theology. For example, the Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay City (the seminary where the seminarians of our diocese are studying for theology as mandated by our bishop) obligates each seminarian to pay their tuition fee that is Php. 1000.00 per unit per semester. This requires me to look for more benefactors and sponsors so that I may still continue my ecclesiastical studies. I humbly ask for your help in these matters. As my form of thanksgiving for this generosity, I will always include your group to my daily prayers, praying to God for your spiritual growth and holiness.


I anticipate already my heartfelt gratitude to you in your support and the positive response in this request. May God bless us all and may you be always under the maternal protection of our Lady!


In Christ through Mary,



Mr. John Renzo M. Muega

Seminarian of the Diocese of San Pablo

San Pablo City, Philippines



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