Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry

Celebrating Fr. Ed Garcia's 30th Anniversary

The luncheon took place on Friday, August 15, 2014 at the Stonefire Grill, Chatsworth, CA.              

Hot & juicy grilled chicken & ribs with garlic bread & chilled garden salad!


Table 1 - Left: Gia & Tita                Right: Aida & Lita                                                 Table 2 - Left: Fr. Ed & Maria       Right: Carmelita & Jojo

              Pizza!                                                                                   Table 3 - Left: Dr. Magno & Nora Guerrero                Right: Alex Canoy & Gary Sheets                                       

Everyone enjoyed the food and waiting for dessert!

Happy Anniversary Fr. Ed and Bon Voyage on your vacation to our beloved Philippines!                       Enjoy!  Have fun in the Philippines!

We'll miss you, Fr. Ed!

Tita wishing Fr. Ed a safe trip!

Gia, Maria, and Nora pose with Dr. Magno ... SMILE!

L-R: Carmelita, Gia, Jojo, Fr. Ed, Tita, Maria, Nora, Lita, and Aida.

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