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Alex and I would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all of you, my brothers and sisters who selflessly shared your effort, money, time, God given talent and endless support for the success of our celebration on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, February 8, 2014. Working with all of you is such a pleasure for you are someone who makes the difference and deserve a million Thank You’s” for the hard work, job well done. You went out of your way to be helpful, caring and sincereLet me specifically mention some of the things you and your group had done, someone who we can always count on:

  • Marie Lou and Cesar Bernardino. Evah Siao, Jovie Flores and Fe Esguerra for the beautiful flower arrangements at the altar and Carusa of the Blessed Mother.
  • Estrelle Cabral, Winnie Aclan and choir members for the beautiful choir that enhanced the celebration.
  • Lydia Aquino, the EMCEE with daughter, Lira; son, Reinhart and friend as candle offerors.
  • Mary Klindt Mendoza as a candle offeror and Kaye Tilley for taking pictures of our celebration, as shown below.
  • Maria Sheets for her acknowledgement. Gary Sheets for designing the Banner and putting together the feast booklet. Also, Gary designed the beautiful website and filed the application for the tax exemption.
  • Angelo & Joy Maamo for offering their beautiful daughter as the St. Bernadette and (4) children as angels.
  • Reesa Maschino as the procession coordinator assisted by Julie Castaneda, Maria Sulat and Mary Ann Larcia.
  • Clarita Daryabigi for speaking about the Miracle at Lourdes.
  • Elizabeth Hartley, Crispina Campilan and Maricar Maamo as Flower offeror coordinators.
  • Alex Canoy, Danny, Cesar Bernardino and Marie Lou for the Grotto design, electrical and transporting.
  • Luisa Gabaya as the lector in the Euchristic Celebration. Thanks to all Flower and Candle offerors.
  • Josie Gomez and Julie Castaneda as Sachristans in the Eucharistic Celebration.
  • Living Rosary Leaders and participants: Agnes Hernandez, the lead; Fred Cabral, Crucifix bearer.
  • Gloria Gonzaga (St. Catherine group); Letty Small (Our Lady of Lourdes Group); Nel Frias ( Our Lady of the Valley Group), Maria Sulat (SJE Group), Christine Hart and Maria Sheets (Our Lady of Peace Church).
  • Evah Siao, Jovie Flores & Co. as the receptionists and distributed sash and program.
  • Descado Madrona and company for carrying the Carusa of the Blessed Mother.
  • Ida Anopol & Bea Rodriguez for carrying the Blessed Mother Medallion, and Ryan for the Crucifix.
  • Dr. Magno & Nora Guerrero, Willie & Jojo Miranda for their offerings.
  • Gloria and Descado Madrona & Family & Co. for food prep, serving and soliciting food donations: Madrona Family (eggrolls and oranges), DG & SS Madrona (pizza), Marina Bautista & Marissa Kaminski (macaroons), Faye Sayatovic (server), Courtney Kaminki (server), Ida Anopol (bread rolls), Ceballos Sisters (egg rolls), Visia Aquino (pancit), Lydia Aquino (chicken), Maria Sheets (chicken), Beth Hartley & Ressa Maschino (fruits), Bea Rodriquez & Marci (pancit and palitaw), Yollie (cup cakes), Jovie & Evah (salad & deserts), Angelo (server).
  • Families who supported our feeding program at Delores Mission homeless:Triny Macaisa (pancit and rice), Teddy Haftl (spaghetti), Susan & Rod Maranan, Aristocrat Restaurant (pancit, eggrolls and empanada.
  • Benefactors, Sponsors and Donors, with names printed and not printed in the booklet who donated money to finance the celebration and help support the construction at Mt. Carmel in Liloan, So. Leyte, Philippines.
  • Evah Lopez & the SJE Filipino Ministry for their donation to the Typhoon victims through Sister Eva Maamo, SPC.
  • Imelda & GB Yap & SJE Filipino Ministry for lending us the projector.
  • Gary Sheets for putting together the Power Point presentation of the 2013 Spiritual Journey to the Philippines and Maria Sheets for her narration & description of the Spiritual Journey during the Fellowship.
  • Willie Manacsa and his wife Minette for providing the sound system and playing beautiful music.

We are so blessed for we realize how very fortunate we are to have such wonderful friends like you, who we always can count on every time we celebrate Mama Mary’s Feast and do the various projects of our Mission. With warm wishes and prayers for the Lord and the Blessed Mother to fill your life with special graces and blessings of love, peace, faith, good health and happiness. May we continue the devotion throughout the coming years, “till the end of time.” (We apologize if we missed someone’s name, though you are all blessed for your great love & service.)

                                         For the love of Jesus and Mary

“ Carmelita and Alex Canoy” 

Our Lady of Lourdes Float

The Crucified Body of our Lord Jesus Christ at the altar of
St. John Eudes Church

Children participants dressed as "angels" for the Flower Offering to Our Lady of Lourdes.

"Angels" on their way to offer flowers to Our Lady of Lourdes.

The youth participants for the Candle Offering to Our Lady of Lourdes.

The youth being acknowledged after they lit up the  candles for Our Lady of Lourdes.

Lydia Aquino as the Emcee of the celebration of the Feast of
Our Lady of Lourdes.

Agnes Hernandez as the lead for The Living Rosary.

Fred Cabral as the Crucifix bearer

Maria Sheets reciting the Hail Mary of the First Decade of
The Living Rosary.

The youth participating in the Fourth Decade of The Living Rosary with Mary Klindt Mendoza reciting the Our Father.

Our Lady of Peace Parish Filipino Council participating in the Third Decade of The Living Rosary.


The Filipino Council of Our Lady of Peace Parish during the Third Decade of  The Living Rosary.

The Choir of St. John Eudes Church rendering beautiful music during the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Maria Sheets acknowledging everyone who participated  and supported the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Eucharistic Celebration entrance.

Alex and Carmelita Canoy and other couples who have been married for over 40 years march toward the altar to be acknowledged and blessed by Fr. Gerard Lecomte.

Rev. Gerard Lecomte co-celebrating the mass with Fr. Ed Garcia and Deacon Son Hoang

The beautiful Our Lady of Lourdes Float.

Gary and Maria Sheets with Mary Klindt Mendoza.

Evah Lopez, President of the St. John Eudes (SJE) Filipino Ministry handing out to Carmelita Canoy check donations for: (1) Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry and (2) Sr. Eva Maamo's medical mission for the victims of Typhoon Hainan in Tacloban, Philippines. Ulrik Singontiko, Vice-President of SJE Filipino Council look on.

Evah Lopez congratulating Carmelita and members of the Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry for a successful celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Gary and Maria Sheets with Lita and Pennie Maamo.

Gary and Maria Sheets, Lita and Pennie Maamo with Celia and her guest holding flowers.

Mr. and Mrs. Ulrik Singontiko, Maria Sheets, Minette and Willie Manacsa.

Officers and Members of St. John Eudes Filipino Ministry and Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry and guests.

Kaye Tilley and Mary Klindt Mendoza in front of Virgen de Guadalupe in the St. John Eudes Church.

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